Studio Good Sales Guide - In no particular order

GOAL: Get as many people as possible to be interested in our business and collect their contact information


- Do not talk negatively about our competitors

- Don’t eat, or drink in the booth

- Don’t be pushy

- Don’t let anyone affect your mood, it’s all good

- Do not overload guests with information. Be clear and concise

- Do not sit, lean or slouch

- Do not talk over guests, listen for their needs

- Do not focus on quantity of leads, focus on quality

- Don’t be too eager to speak to guests, smile and acknowledge them while they browse our booth, you will know when they wish to be spoken to

- Don’t be confrontational, yield when necessary


- Be courteous and professional

- Be positive

- Be engaging

- Follow up with EVERY lead

- Be quick and decisive when disqualifying, do not waste time nor your vocal chord on poor quality leads

- Organize a follow up, leave contact information

- Be genuine

- Enjoy


- They are looking for video services for their wedding

- They are engaging with staff

- They have the budget

- They are the decision maker

- They see the value of our work


- They’re not looking for video services for their wedding

- Is a competitor

- Does not have budget

- Out of market ( not in our serviceable area )

- Does not respond

- Already committed to another vendor

- Just not interested

- Date already booked ( collect info and refer to competitor )

- If they’re talking with more than 2 competitors

Objections to price:

- People buy over priced things all the time, overcome the objection by discussing value, do not emphasize how much work is required, instead talk about our final product, that our video is a treat to rewatch, not something you’d get tired off, our audio is crisp and clear feature film quality, our superb taste in choosing the right sound track, etc..

What’s we should compete on:

- Price, we’re a new studio and without a healthy portfolio we should be more competitively priced

- Quality, this is our biggest advantage, our quality is second to none in terms of production and post production

- Professionalism, we’re real professionals that has valuable industry experience

- Technical, we’re extremely technically knowledgable ( divert all technical questions to Ray )


  • What’s our opinion on drones?

    • Drone shots take a very long time to set up, this time can be better spent capturing actual people instead of the venue, unless the scene is really worth capturing using drone.

    • Abundant stock footage available for drone shots

    • Most locations don’t have the scenery that are suitable for drone shots

    • If client really want drone service, we can provide with extra cost too. (see sample price page). But, there’s regulation on drone flying, in order to fly drone, we need to figure out if the venue allowed it or not.

  • What do you bring to the table that others don’t?

    • I don’t stage people to make my work look good, I won’t be asking you to do anything uncomfortable or unnatural, no pressure.

    • I am personally involved in every project - from shooting to post production, the quality control is TIGHT!

    • It’s never about the equipment, it’s about taste and aesthetics, and ours is good. Studio Good.

    • I have a healthy repertoire of dad jokes to make your guests laugh and relax.

    • I’m tall so I can get really nice high angle shots without the need of a crane, or drone.

    • I won’t steal the thunder from the groom, reasons self evident.

  • About the length of our videos

    • We like to keep our highlight videos under 5 minutes, to make it as rewatchable and impactful as possible.

    • The average attention span of an average audience is around 2-3 minutes.

    • Our longer edit is 15-20 minutes, not because we cannot do 40 minutes or even an hour, but because we want to entertain the audience, and not want to pad our videos with stale footage just for length. Client won’t miss anything because we provide all footage for free for all packages.