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the newlyweds say:

Dear Ray:

For the purpose of endorsing your aptitude for creating film and memories, Jolene and I both feel incredibly lucky that you were available and filmed our wedding. We had no idea how important a video capturing the feeling, ambiance and emotion of our wedding day would be for us as we were all caught up in the logistics of our wedding events and being present with our guests.

Your level of organization shined through as you worked seamlessly with the moment. It felt as though you had mapped your shots meticulously, giving thoughtful consideration to our program and our preparation. You are knowledgeable about your equipment, lighting and sound and made recommendations effortlessly. As the groom, I felt comfortable with your presence and secure in your ability to capture our most precious moments.

Most importantly, your ability to take all that video and edit concisely and pair it with music to capture the experience was awesome. Experiencing your diligent process, it was no surprise to us how good our video turned out how much we love watching it over and over again.

Thanks Ray:)!!

Jolene & Matin

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Skylar’s parents say:

There are many moments in life that are worth cherishing forever. Studio Good helped us capture one of the best moment of our lives and we thank them for it. Ray was professional and dedicated on the day of the event and he captured all the moments that I missed while hosting the guests.

The final video is filled with endearment and love, and it is the best gift I can give to my daughter. We shared this video with family members who couldn’t make it on that day. We couldn’t be happier to have this video made so we can always revisit that very day when my little girl turned one (almost).

Thank you Studio Good for such wonderful work that captured our happy moment to keep forever!